Features: R36H5 R36H8 R46H9 RE35H5 RXV46H11
Blades 4 4 4 4 4
Ring Diameter 36" 36" 46" 35" 46"
Power Source Honda GX160 Honda GX240 Honda GX270 Honda GX160 Honda GX340
Rotor RPM 65-130 65-130 65-130 65-130 50-180
Weight (lbs) 194 215 246 196 293

All models come with Standard Twist Pitch Handle (SPH) but are available (and recommended) with the Rapid Pitch™ blade pitching system. It's weight counter-balanced with infinite blade pitch adjustment from flat to maximum pitch.

Regardless of blade pitch system, all our handles are superior to any others. Maximize operator comfort with RhinO-Tuff’s revolutionary “vibration dampening” adjustable handle that minimizes the vibration transmitted to the operator thereby reducing the risk of operator repetitive injuries. The uniquely designed, fully adjustable handle increases running time up to 4.4 hours per day without exceeding ISO standards. Other manufacturer’s trowels exceed ISO standards in less than 30 minutes, with some models exposing operators’ arms/hands to the maximum vibration limits allowed in as little as 6 minutes!